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Overview of SON (Self Organizing Network)

  • Improving the Efficiency of Network Deployment and Operation
    • Collects and analyzes data in order to reconfigure the network
    • Reduces field survey frequency with the use of measurement instruments

  • User Quality Improvement
    • Quality enhanced by self-optimization and self-healing

Overview of SON (Self Organizing Network)

SON Simulator

NEC's SON solution is to incorporate a radio planning tool into self-optimization. Doing this enables an operator to quickly find the best configuration while gradually iterating self-optimization. Specifically, the operator can plan a configuration change using self-optimization functions on radio qualities created by a radio propagation simulator.

  • Features of LTE SON 3-dimentional Simulator
LTE SON 3-dimentional Simulator

  • An example of simulation in Yokohama, Japan
    • Automatic optimization of neighbor lists prevents dropped calls
    • Base stations save energy by hour-dependent sleep controls

An example of simulation in Yokohama, Japan