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Product List

  Unit-type Series
  VC-7710 / VD-7710 H.264 Ultra Low Delay Codec
VC-70 Portable Ultra Low Delay H.264 Encoder
VC-7525 H.264 Ultra Low Delay Board Encoder
  VC-7301 H.264 High Profile Encoder
VC-7311 H.264 High Profile Encoder
VC-7030 One Segment Broadcasting Encoder
VD-7370 H.264/MPEG-2 Monitoring Decoder
Board-type Series
  XE-7330 H.264 High Profile Encoder Board
XE-7030 One Segment Broadcasting Encoder Board
XD-7370 H.264 / MPEG-2 Monitoring Decoder Board
Network Interfaces & Converters
  Opticaster HDSD3-OC48 HD / SD3-OC48 Transceiver Card
IF-7800S MPEG-2 TS / IP Converter
TC-1600/TD-1600 TS Compressor and Decompressor
  Board-type Series
  XM-1630 MPEG-2-TS Multiplexing Board For Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting
MX-3601 MPEG-2 TS Multiplexing Board
Signal Distribution Modulers
  DDA800 3G/HD/SD-compatible Front Access Distribution/Transmission Board
VSP-X1000 ACO4 3G/HD/SD-compatible Automatic Changeover Board,with Seamless Switching Function
VSP-X1000 Series 3G-SDI Video/Audio Signal Processing Boards
SSW700 SDI 2x1 Seamless Switcher
TS-G1631 ISDB-T Sync Signal Generator
TS-S1631 ISDB-T Frame Sync Signal Switcher
XF7-SY30-R Sync Signal Distribution Board
XF7-CT30 CPU Board
  Terrestrial Digital TV Transmitters
  DTL-10 Series Low/Medium-Power Digital UHF TV Transmitter
DTU-70 Series Liquid-Cooled Digital UHF TV Transmitter
  DTL-20 Series Low/Medium-Power Digital VHF TV Transmitter
Terrestrial Analog TV Transmitters
  PCU-1700 Series High-Power Liquid-Cooled UHF Analog TV Transmitter
PCN-1800N Series High-Power Liquid-Cooled VHF Analog TV Transmitter