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Challenged by the demands of our economy, business processes require instant availability of information, efficient and effective collaboration between people, and fast reaction to the market – at any place and any time.

In what is often known as ubiquitous society or economy, we are expected to be present – if not in person then virtually – everywhere and at all times. It follows, therefore, that capturing a person’s presence and putting him or her at the Centre and in control of business, has become extremely important. In recognition of this Business ConneCT offers you something we have called: the power of presence.

Presence Management is about being able to share one’s availability status so everyone is aware of it. For example someone’s status might be ‘I am not at my desk’.

Voicemail is sometimes the best option available to callers and Business ConneCT has built-in Voicemail. Activation of Voicemail and multiple greetings can either be controlled through the Business ConneCT calendar and presence settings, or through the Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Thanks to Business ConneCT’s seamless integration with systems like PBXs and electronic calendars, status modifications are fully automated. Combining telephony, presence and a wide range of communication methods is what it is all about.

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Available in 17 languages