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NEC understands that today's mobile workforce requires more freedom to communicate whenever and wherever necessary. The right communications tools are also needed in order to empower those mobile workers to communicate with anyone they need in the simplest way possible. NEC provides a host of solutions that bring greater mobility to businesses that are increasingly on the go. Mobility solutions that help an organization expand its sales, increase its productivity and enhance its customer service whether it be a small to mid-sized business or a larger, worldwide enterprise.

Our mobile business environment offers organisations a flexible way of working designed to match all mobile workers needs. While IP DECT and Voice over Wireless LAN provide mobility in the office, Fixed Mobile Convergence provides all the functionality needed to enjoy access to enterprise telephony and data from any location, by integrating remote and mobile phones within the enterprise telephony network.

Mobility Solutions

IP DECT Business Mobility With Business Mobility IP DECT, a single converged network can facilitate both fixed and wireless telephony. IP DECT Access Points can easily be added to the LAN and can be complemented with Access Points in a remote location to form a multi-site configuration. Plus
Wireless LAN Use a single, converged Local Area Network (LAN) to integrate mobile voice network with wired terminals and applications. Plus
Fixed Mobile Convergence Use a Wi-Fi network to provide those employees who rely on mobile phones with a single number, unified voice messaging and better call reliability. Plus