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SX Vector Solution

The new NEC SX-9 puts the next generation of our highly successful vector systems at your service. Not only is the SX series the perfect choice for computing climate and environmental simulations, it is also the fastest supercomputer series in the world, with unique, long-term and proven success in many other scientific areas, like chemistry and fluid dynamics.

The NEC SX-9 supercomputer gives you completely new options for simulations in science, research and development. This supercomputer's performance revolutionizes the quality and quantity of your results. The fast processor helps you run applications with the highest sustained performance even with a relatively low number of CPUs. You will benefit even more from the mixture of MPI and shared memory parallelization.

New Generation of Vector Systems

  • Performance of over 100 GFLOPS per CPU with 64-bit precision
  • Powerful SMP-node with 16 CPUs into one node for 1.6 TFLOPS per node
  • More than 7 times higher bandwidth per node than the SX-9's predecessor, the NEC SX-8R


  • Extremely high efficiency and unrivaled unique sustained application performance
  • Flat huge main memory for your SMP applications
  • Unsurpassed combination of incomparably low latency and high bandwidth
  • Fast buffering/Assignable Data Buffer (ADB)
  • Hybrid parallelization with multi node configuration
  • High Density Packaging
  • Optimized for low footprint and low power consumption
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Easy installation, implementation and use