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NEC Addresses Growing Connectivity Performance Demand in Europe with Product Line Adoption of Mellanox’s Industry-Leading Adapters, Switches, Software, and Cables

InfiniBand is the state of the art interconnects technology used for Linux Clusters. NEC is at the forefront of the development by closely cooperating with the market leader Mellanox, enabling fast and reliable solutions for real world applications.

Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen weiht schnellsten bayerischen Hochleistungscomputer ein

Inauguration of ‘Datura’ - the new high-performance computer at the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam, Germany

High-Performance-Computing is an inevitable tool particularly in astrophysics, the applications in this field are most challenging. Datura is the name of the latest generation of machines that the Albert Einstein Institute will provide to its scientists. This institute provides for an exceptional combination of theory – Einstein’s General Relativity – and measurements, the detector for gravitational waves which is designed and run by the institute.

With the help of the new supercomputer this link will be strengthened, simulations will be used to generate predictions of wave signals, for example as they are generated by merging black holes or neutron stars, and tools for data-analysis will then try to find those kinds of signals in the tremendous amounts of measured data. Eventually this will lead to gravity-wave-astronomy, a new way to investigate and analyze the universe and its history.

ICM, the French "Brain & Spine Institute", will use a storage solution from NEC

The French “Brain & Spine Institute” implements a new research paradigm to advance mankind’s knowledge about the human  brain, its functions and its diseases, by combining a whole variety of different but related research directions in one institute. In this context the need to store huge amounts of data is a significant ingredient resulting from the scientific work. In general storage is increasingly becoming a major component of every installation in high-performance-computing, and both requirements, capacity and performance, are challenging technological boundaries.

Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Selects NEC LX-2400 Supercomputer

The well-known computer center of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen selected NEC to provide the next generation scientific supercomputer for their scientists and engineers. The University of Erlangen is well known for its leading research- and engineering-departments, and the compute center is particularly renowned in the Germany academic landscape for its group of scientist who support the users with the in-depth knowledge and understanding of algorithms, computer architectures and programming paradigms. It is this close cooperation of the members of the compute-center and the scientists and engineers which is the key to success.

Fast and reliable data storage in Computer-aided Automotive Engineering

Whether the topic is light-weight or the development of quieter, and especially consumption and low emission vehicles - in the automotive industry numerical simulation methods for product development and optimization are essential.
A mature concept developed by NEC for a global parallel file system, which eliminates this bottleneck and significantly increases the availability.

NEC SX-9 Supercomputer used for operational weather forecasts at Deutscher Wetterdienst

Germany's National Meteorological Service called Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) based in Offenbach provides its customers in Germany and abroad with forecasts and weather warnings every day. These services are essential to guarantee e.g. secure road transport and air traffic.

Activities of Cyberscience Center and Performance: Evaluation of the SX-9 Supercomputer

The Cyberscience Center at Tohoku University presented a paper about evaluation of the new SX-9 system. ICT is an inter-university cooperative institute supports the users in tuning their programs and also conducts joint research with users to realize advanced high-performance computing.

Global Warming Projections Using the Community Climate System Model, CCSM3

Earth Simulator and SX-8 used for global warming projections based on various types of future scenarios.