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Performance de Calcul soutenue

The NEC LX-Series is optimized for Sustained Performance Computing

Since the days of vector computing NEC has put a focus on optimizing its products for real application performance. This is for most applications not identical with theoretical peak performance.

Tunings on all levels decide about the final performance achieved when using the system for production. The holistic approach of NEC

  • Accelerates MPI making use of the underlying HPC network
  • Makes the HPC network aware of the load and allows reacting and optimizing the flow of data and communication
  • Separates data and communication load in order to guarantee a constantly level of performance
  • Optimizes the file system for different I/O patterns
  • Supports applications in making full usage of advanced CPU and Accelerator features

Careful configuration of all system software packages and adjusting them to the underlying hardware allows the NEC LX-Series unbeaten performance for both single application usage and throughput scenarios.

Pre-configured NEC LX-Series cluster solutions are delivered ready to run, so you can unleash more parallel performance faster.