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Intel Cluster Ready

Pre-configured cluster solutions are delivered ready to run, so you can unleash more parallel performance faster.

NEC is using the Intel® Cluster Checker.

The Intel® Cluster Checker, is a key element of the Intel Cluster Ready validation process, and helps to verify that cluster components continue working together throughout the cluster lifecycle, to increase uptime, productivity, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Before your certified Intel Cluster Ready system arrives, NEC has used Intel Cluster Checker to verify that the system fully complies with the Intel Cluster Ready specification. Application software developers have defined representative workloads and used Intel Cluster Checker to confirm that their applications ran successfully on an Intel Cluster Ready system.

Use Intel Cluster Checker to help keep components working together over the cluster's lifetime, just as they're supposed to. Run Intel Cluster Checker regularly to enhance system reliability and ensure optimal performance.
If problems arise, use Intel Cluster Checker to identify trouble spots quickly and obtain detailed diagnostic information. Solve problems in minutes, not days, enjoying the increased productivity of HPC clusters while reducing the need for specialized support skills. A "traffic light" dashboard gives you a clear picture of system health.