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  • 2002The Earth Simulator, the world's fastest supercomputer system for resolving global environmental problems, is completed.

Bird’s-eye view of Earth Simulator

Earth Simulator was proposed in 1997 as a way to predict climate change on a global scale. The performance level required to realize it was absurd – 1,000 times higher than that of other supercomputers at the time. But NEC employed 1,000 people cumulatively and utilized the full technological power of the NEC Group to achieve targeted performance. Earth Simulator began operation in March 2002 as initially planned. It was the clear winner in the TOP500 supercomputer performance ranking in June 2002 and stayed on top for two and a half years.

  • 2003Development of kenaf-reinforced bioplastic.
  • 2003Constructs one of the world's largest mission-critical systems, the i-mode gateway system "CiRCUS"
  • 2004Realizes world's smallest, slimmest, card-shaped, camera-equipped mobile phone utilizing ultra-thin packaging technology
  • 2004The world's longest single-photon transmission record is extended to 150 km, realized through quantum cryptography system employing an optical planar circuit.
  • 2005NEC develops a new ultra-thin, flexible, rechargeable battery boasting super-fast charging capability.
  • 2007Ultra-compact microwave communications system PASOLINK secures top global market share
  • 2008Unveils the NEC Group Vision 2017 and Core Values
  • 2008The programmable flow switch trial between Japan and the United States is successfully completed.
  • 2010Asteroid explorer "HAYABUSA" successfully returns to Earth
  • 2011Launches Household Energy Storage System
  • 2012INTERPOL and NEC sign partnership agreement to enhance cyber security Partnership will develop digital crime centre
  • 2013Strengthen SDN business with new solutions menu
  • 2013Establish new research center in Singapore
  • 2014Provide nuclear power plant with system for monitoring signs of malfunction.
  • 2014Unveil "Orchestrating a brighter world” campaign supporting Solutions for Society.
  • 2015Become a Gold Partner for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • 2015Test technology that accurately predicts landslide risk.

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